Woodlea – We Love Aintree

The Place Manager position involves developing a place that is safe, socially engaging, engenders a sense of pride, has access to services and assists to create a sense of “community” that is based on common purposes and achievements. The role will eventually facilitate a team to empower residents toward the creation of a flourishing community and have overall responsibility for fulfilling the objectives of the Baptist Union of Victoria trading as Grassroots Placemakers in Aintree.

The role of the Placemaker is to:

Engage the local community to assist them to articulate a vision of “place” that they would like to see in the area, and to begin to implement components of this vision.

• Work with local organisations to develop community enterprises that can assist in meeting the needs of the community and making it a better place to live for all (e.g. this may include establishment of maintenance and gardening services).

• Negotiate and actively participate with training organisations to ensure people who are unemployed or otherwise marginalised within the local community can find meaningful work.

• Actively engage with the local community to ensure holistic wellbeing, including Pastoral Care for the community as needs arise.

• Develop and maintain relationships with relevant funding organisations that can assist to bring services into the area.

• Undertake research to understand the needs and opportunities in the community.

• Facilitate training and equipping for faith based Placemakers

Key Milestones in 2019

– National Tree Day success – more than 200 participants and nearly 3000 trees planted

– Establishment of Aintree Cafe & Garden and the successful trade

– Aintree Christmas Party – more than 300 neighbours came for this event.

– Second successful year of Playgroup – more than 100 families registered and came to playgroup throughout 2019

– Second Successful Halloween trick or Treat – more than 200 people walked the neighbourhood participating in Trick or Treat with comments about how “neighbourly” the event feels

– Community Safety Meeting (early Feb 2020)

Community Safety Meeting (early Feb 2020)