Norlane – Baptist Church and Baptcare Coasthaven Community

Kayleen and Simon Reeves are Baptist ministers at the Norlane Baptist Church. Norlane has the third most disadvantage postcode in Victoria. They and their three children live as place-makers in the Norlane suburb. Kayleen and Simon’s passion is to establish a flourishing community in their suburb, which is devoid of a local supermarket and fresh available produce. To this end, they have established a sizeable community garden which is now tended by local volunteers, a not-for-profit food co-op for the community with healthy and sustainable produces as well as a community meal every week. A year ago they were co-opted by Baptcare to oversee the community café, community hub and garden of the newly built Coasthaven Aged Care Facility primarily built for local residents and used by the community. In this time they have established the following according to the Service Agreement with Baptcare and under the auspice of Grassroots Placemaking.

The Aviary Café

The Aviary was developed, setup and opened by NCI (Norlane Community Initiatives – the now local not-for-profit company established in a similar manner to “We Love Aintree” and “We Love Olivine”) on 7th May 2019 after handover mid-April. In 2019, the café engaged 8 local paid staff members in permanent/part-time/casual basis along with 26 volunteers committing 50 hours per week with a total of 1600hrs since opening. There have been 6438 sales transactions made during this period along with several community groups and organisations visiting for meetings.